The Universal Quick lock gun can be used with all kinds of insemination sheaths and all kinds of semen straws. Fastening and releasing of sheaths with only one hand only. Quick and secure fastening of any kind of sheaths, split or non-split. Made of stainless steel or sterilizable plastic. We can deliver AI Gun Universal Auto lock worldwide.


A.I Gun Universal Self Locking can be used with the 0.25cc and 0.5cc straw. Made from high-Quality Stainless steel. Three Stainless steel tubes in the gun to give more strength. The sheath can be released by pressing release lever. Plunger locking device avoids falling of plunger during handling. The ring is not used, therefore no chance of misplacing it. It comes with a gun container. Sizes: 0.28 mm & 0.6 mm.

Why our products are best forĀ  you

  • We adopt latest techniques in the process of manufacturing these products
  • We offer the complete range at highly competitive price.
  • No modifications necessary when using different types of straws.
  • No loose parts; a safety catch prevents the plunger from sliding out of the barrel.

All parts made of stainless steel or sterilizable plastic.

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