Set contains

Mayo Scissor Curved – Standard Size:1 unit
Mayo Scissor – Straight:1 unit
Doyens Retractor:1 unit
Green-Armitage Clamp:6 units
Suction Cannula with Rubber Tube:1 unit
Sponge Holding Forceps:1 unit
Ellis Forceps:4 unit.
Artery Forceps:4 unit
Bowl Medium Size:1 unit
Needle Holder:1 unit
B. P. Handle No. 4:1 unit
Sims Speculum:1 unit
Towel Clips:4 units
Tooth Forceps:1 unit
Plain Forceps:1 unit
Suture Cutting Scissor:1 unit
Abdominal Retractor C Type:1 unit


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