Set contains

Obstetrical Finger Knife: 1 Unit
Obstetrical wire saw SS roll of 10 meters: 1 Unit
Wire Saw Handle stainless steel: 1 Unit
Rust free Thyestean wire Saw embryo tome complete: 1 Unit
Kahuna Crutch 750mm: 1 Unit
Calving Rope with 2 loops: 1 Unit
Calving Rope with 1 loop: 1 Unit
Obstetric Chains 1 meter: 1 Unit
2 Eye Hooks on Chain 1 meter: 1 Unit
HARMS Eye Hooks Blunt/Sharp: 1 Unit
Krey Schottler Hook: 1 Unit
Rope Introducer: 1 Unit
Caving Rope carrier with screw clamp to hold embryo tome wire: 1 Unit
Frey Gera Hook for living fetus: 1 Unit
Long Hook with T handle Moses pattern 6mm x 800mm Pointed : 1 Unit


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