Teat Surgery Kit in a velvet lined case containing
Long Fine Teat Bistoury Sharp Pointed S.S: 1 Unit
Long fine Teat Bistoury Probe Pointed S.S:1 Unit
Huge Teat Lancet S.S: 1 Unit
Teat Knife Tiffin S.S: 1 unit
Teat Knife Mcleanae S.S: 1unit
Milk Syphon Self retaining & adjustable: 4 units
Teat Tumor Extractor Huge: 2 units
Teat Tumor Extractor with 3 rings: 1 unit
Teat Dilator with screw: 1 unit
Teat slitter with single concealed & adjustable Blade: 1 unit
Teat Instruments Hudson set of 3: 1 Unit
Teat Scissors with slender Blades S .S : 1 unit
Teat Plug Plastic: 20 units
Teat Injection Tube SS: 2 units
Barrett’s papllitome: 1 unit
Teat Tumor Extractor American Pattern: 1 unit
Teat Opener, Grooved: 1 unit
Teat Plug, Bulbous: 2 units


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