The Importance of Shearing Sheep

The woolen industry is a big industry in the world and sheep is the primary source for wool. The sheep shearing equipment helps us to shear the sheep more secure and safe and it also protects the sheep from injury and infection. Here are more detail about sheep shearing equipment type and how it can save our time and money.

Sheep Shearing

Cutting or shaving the wool off of a sheep is called shearing. It’s just like getting a haircut. Shearing doesn’t usually hurt a sheep. However, sharing requires skills and quality instruments so that the sheep is shorn efficiently and quickly without causing cuts or injury to the sheep or shearer. Most sheep are sheared with electric shears or Sheep shearing machines or sheep clippers.  Some sheep are sheared manually with scissors or hand blades. Veterinary Equipment supply high-quality electric sheep shears and manual sheep shears.


Sheep are usually sheared once per year, usually before lambing or in the spring before the onset of warm weather. Sheep with long fleeces are sometimes sheared twice a year. Feeder lambs are sometimes sheared to make them more comfortable during the summer. Shearing prior to lambing results in a cleaner environment for baby lambs. It also keeps the fleeces cleaner.

The need of High-Quality sheep shearing equipment

Whatever device is used, shearers must be careful to keep it clean so as to prevent the spread of disease amongst a flock.

  1. Veterinary Equipment Blade shears

Blade shears consist of two blades arranged similarly to scissors except that the hinge is at the end farthest from the point (not in the middle). The cutting edges pass each other as the shearer squeezes them together and shear the wool close to the animal’s skin. Blade shears are still used today but in a more limited way. Blade shears leave some wool on a sheep and this is more suitable for cold climates.

2. Veterinary Equipment Machine Sheep shears

Machine sheep shearing equipment, known as handpieces, operate in a similar manner to human hair clippers in that a power driven toothed blade, known as a cutter, these clippers for sheep, driven back and forth over the surface of a comb and the wool is cut from the animal. The original machine shears were powered by a fixed hand crank linked to the handpiece by a shaft with only two universal joints, which afforded a very limited range of motion. Later models have more joints to allow easier positioning of the handpiece on the animal. Electric motors on each stand have generally replaced overhead gear for driving the headpieces. The jointed arm is replaced in many instances with a flexible shaft. Smaller motors allowed the production of shears in which the motor is in the headpiece.  These are generally not used by professional shearers as the weight of the motor and the heat generated by it.


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