Why have a high-quality AI instruments and equipment?

Artificial insemination is not merely a novel method of bringing about impregnation in females, it is a powerful tool mostly employed for livestock improvement. Some of the advantages of artificial insemination are as following:-

  • The cost of maintaining the breeding animal is saved.
  • AI prevents the spread of certain diseases and sterility due to genital diseases.
  • Better breeding efficiency is ensured.
  • The semen collected can be taken to the urban areas or rural areas for insemination.
  • It helps in maintaining the accurate breeding and cawing records.
  • It increases the rate of conception.
  • It helps in better record keeping.

To achieve the above benefit AI to be done by trained professionals. Most important part of AI is that the instruments used to be high quality and to be properly sterilized before repeated use. The knowledge and functions of these instruments and equipment are most vital part of this procedure. The substandard instruments and equipment cause deadly infections in female animals. To prevent this we would recommend trusted branded AI instruments to be used and also standards of hygiene applied to collecting, processing and storing semen.


We at Veterinary Equipment offer high-quality Artificial insemination (AI) instruments and equipment. Please write to us for more details.

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